About Us

The Chillinlounge originated as a mobile chat/forum for old style WAP enabled mobiles back in 2004.

In 2006 the site obtained the chillinlounge.co.uk domain name and was fully coded by myself in Php, growing from strength to strength with regular on-line members in the many thousands and a total unique member member list just shy of 10,000.

By 2007 I was spending an average of 18hours a day coding and maintaining the site with spiralling server costs, my relationship eventually broke-down, and I separated from my wife devoicing some time later.

At this point the site was left to its own demise, and gradually as new technology advanced the original chillinlounge.co.uk was no more.

I’ve kept the domain name ever since, and recently decided to use it to document the tries and tribulations my family living with a child who as a chromosome disorder 16p12.2 micro-deletion, and diagnosis of ASD and ADHD.

In autumn 2019 I decided to migrate away from the server host I’d used for many years and refresh the site sadly losing most of the original content.