Have been nearly 12 months since Logan’s diagnoses, we’re having to fight for everything.  Logan has a history of language delay and  learning disability, although his actual language has improved over time he still struggles with actual understanding at a level equal to his peers. Despite this his school seem very slow at understanding or even accepting there is even a problem. There is no sign of an education, health and care (EHC) plan, in fact there’s no sign of anything of any use above what other children in the school are getting.

I have now decided enough is enough and things are going to start moving in this regard!!

Well 2014 bought us the diagnosis of Logan 16p.2 it’s been a tough year with everything going on with him but hopefully 2015 will be a better year and we can get him the help that he needs and stop being pushed from pillow to post

Although Logan doesn’t have a clinical diagnoses of Autism spectrum disorder, we have joined a local support group called ASSP and have been attending for several months now, gaining some really useful advice and information from the group and various guest speakers.

Having gone over to the party early to set up the new laser lights and check we had a cd player.. we attended the party. Dreading it to be honest but it turned in to a very successful day, Logan although giddy at times was excellent.

Logan really was over the moon to see Santa and ran straight up to him throwing his arms around him, shouting “Santaaaa”.

Thank you, Sam Addison from Walkden Rotary Club for being our special guest, you made Logans day.


Untitled -1 


A massive Thank You to Elaine from Tesco for providing all the food and goody bags for the children.

Got up really early this morning to find Logan already up, this isn’t all that unusual to be honest, something about this 16p12.2 deletion has made Logan require very little sleep. Anyway I decided to take Logan out on a trip to Bury Market, this is around an hour journey taking two buses in each direction but what I planned to buy hopefully would be worth it.

Logan was amazingly good on the way there and was treated to £1 which he spent on 3 bags of chocolate coins, one each for him and his brother and sister.

Strangely he didn’t seem very excited buy the purchase of the Laser Lights that I’d got for the Christmas party later.

Laser Light Photo

With so much talk of Mad Friday, I should have known better then to take a trip to the supermarket after school with Logan, maybe it was just the fact he’s now finished for Christmas and was even more hyper excited then normal but when he started throwing things out of the shop doorway into the shopping mall that kinda topped of the nightmare that we probably should really of foreseen.


Then Logan having another meltdown only minutes later and another parent comment saying “look at them they’ve no control over the kid”, as if we didn’t have enough to contend with maybe you should have kept your mouth shut instead of making us feel worst then we already did.


The trouble is she was probably right we didn’t have any control over him, but that was absolutely not though want of trying.


Even a trip to McDonald’s didn’t go smoothly an absolute over the top kick off because he got chicken nuggets(as any other time previously) and he ‘wanted’ a burger. A screaming 6 year old, throwing themselves around on the floor certainly got us some more unwanted attention.


Maybe we should have just stayed at home, I’ll remember ‘Mad Friday’ next year..

Firstly I need to apologise for taking so long to update this blog but I’ve genuinely not had the time with working 10 hour shifts and then trying(unsuccessfully I might add) to support my partner with caring for Logan and our other children.

My partner really has drawn the short straw so to speak with me working, it actually feels more like I’m having a  break being at work then it does being at home at times. Although that’s all about to change as my 6 month temporary employment contract is due to finish at Christmas.

Over the past couple of weeks its been the birthday of our other children, this in itself caused issues. Presents being opened by Logan’s younger sister turned in to a disaster, as he had a major melt down because she wouldn’t open them in the order he demanded and then when he calmed down within seconds we had round 2 because he didn’t have anything to open.

Its so so hard to explain to people many who would say a ‘good bit of discipline’ or ‘a clip around the ear-hole’ would fix everything…If Only it was all that simple.

LoganLogan really likes getting dressed up, we don’t really celebrate Halloween in a big way but Logan’s mum always makes pumpkin lanterns and lets the kids get dressed up for a tea party with some spooky songs on..

Its always quite fun seeing Logan deal with trick or treaters knocking on the door especially once all the sweets have gone.

Logan opens the door and says ‘Nowt left’ and just shuts the door, trying to get him to be more polite doesn’t seem to help.

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the delay in posting any messages its been a very busy few weeks.

As a family we’ve had some nightmares occasions over the past few weeks, Logan is a very active child and never keeps still, he doesn’t recognise danger and only last week pushed his younger sister down the stairs, he was just rushing past her and unfortunately she tumbled down the stairs, luckily with no serious injuries.

The main observation about this whole situation was Logan’s lack of feeling or more so, lack of ability to understand others feelings. His sister was obviously very distressed and all Logan would say is ‘Shut up it was your own fault’


This blog is by the father of Logan who is 6yrs old and has always been hard work with, delayed speech and language delay.

Having been struggling for years knowing something wasn’t quite right with our son Logan, even school was doing absolutely nothing to support us. As he got older he became even more difficult to handle, we as parents were very worried as he was physically assaulting his other siblings and us constantly.  He throws himself on the floor and kicks off(no other way of really describing it) while out shopping, now we all see kids doing this especially around the age of 2 but for a 6 year old doing it every single time we enter particular shops that he doesn’t like is distressing.

Earlier this year, with nowhere else to turn we went to our GP, who referred him to a child paediatrician and following blood tests was diagnose with 16p12.2 micro-deletion earlier this year.

Anyway over the following weeks and years I now intend to blog the days events to show others hopefully that they are not alone.