Story of Logan Living with 16p12.2 Deletion

This blog is by the father of Logan who is 6yrs old and has always been hard work with, delayed speech and language delay.

Having been struggling for years knowing something wasn’t quite right with our son Logan, even school was doing absolutely nothing to support us. As he got older he became even more difficult to handle, we as parents were very worried as he was physically assaulting his other siblings and us constantly.  He throws himself on the floor and kicks off(no other way of really describing it) while out shopping, now we all see kids doing this especially around the age of 2 but for a 6 year old doing it every single time we enter particular shops that he doesn’t like is distressing.

Earlier this year, with nowhere else to turn we went to our GP, who referred him to a child paediatrician and following blood tests was diagnose with 16p12.2 micro-deletion earlier this year.

Anyway over the following weeks and years I now intend to blog the days events to show others hopefully that they are not alone.

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