11003103_10206173496006590_1703155633_o Logan had an ordinary EEG. around a year ago (before even being diagnosed with the chromosome 16p12.2 micro deletion). This ordinary EEG failed to find a cause of these absences and following on from that and Logan’s history of unexplained absences, the specialist have decided to try a Melatonin EEG.


When the letter fist came we weren’t aware what Melatonin was and to be honest wasn’t even expecting the appointment, the leaflet included wasn’t very informative to be honest. It basically states that Melatonin is a naturally occurring substance produced by the pineal gland in the brain and is produced to prepare the brain for a nights sleep. Read More →

clipart-com-school-back-to-school-clip-art-671-ogcm38As anyone reading will be aware after yesterdays bus incident, we went to see Logan’s paediatrician. During the appointment I was very disappointed to find out that Logan’s School/Educational Psychologist have failed to forward any of the information they have been asked for, in fact they’ve returned no reports what so ever. Now this leaves us feeling “if they can not communicate with the professionals providing Logan’s care what hope do we really have”.


So far this school is really failing in my opinion, and I’m rapidly losing confidence in both the school and Salford education. Read More →

Have been nearly 12 months since Logan’s diagnoses, we’re having to fight for everything.  Logan has a history of language delay and  learning disability, although his actual language has improved over time he still struggles with actual understanding at a level equal to his peers. Despite this his school seem very slow at understanding or even accepting there is even a problem. There is no sign of an education, health and care (EHC) plan, in fact there’s no sign of anything of any use above what other children in the school are getting.

I have now decided enough is enough and things are going to start moving in this regard!!

Well 2014 bought us the diagnosis of Logan 16p.2 it’s been a tough year with everything going on with him but hopefully 2015 will be a better year and we can get him the help that he needs and stop being pushed from pillow to post

Although Logan doesn’t have a clinical diagnoses of Autism spectrum disorder, we have joined a local support group called ASSP and have been attending for several months now, gaining some really useful advice and information from the group and various guest speakers. Read More →

Got up really early this morning to find Logan already up, this isn’t all that unusual to be honest, something about this 16p12.2 deletion has made Logan require very little sleep. Anyway I decided to take Logan out on a trip to Bury Market, this is around an hour journey taking two buses in each direction but what I planned to buy hopefully would be worth it.

Logan was amazingly good on the way there and was treated to £1 which he spent on 3 bags of chocolate coins, one each for him and his brother and sister.

Strangely he didn’t seem very excited buy the purchase of the Laser Lights that I’d got for the Christmas party later.

Laser Light Photo

With so much talk of Mad Friday, I should have known better then to take a trip to the supermarket after school with Logan, maybe it was just the fact he’s now finished for Christmas and was even more hyper excited then normal but when he started throwing things out of the shop doorway into the shopping mall that kinda topped of the nightmare that we probably should really of foreseen. Read More →

LoganLogan really likes getting dressed up, we don’t really celebrate Halloween in a big way but Logan’s mum always makes pumpkin lanterns and lets the kids get dressed up for a tea party with some spooky songs on..

Its always quite fun seeing Logan deal with trick or treaters knocking on the door especially once all the sweets have gone.

Logan opens the door and says ‘Nowt left’ and just shuts the door, trying to get him to be more polite doesn’t seem to help.